01 April 2024

Liza Lloyd Leadership Summit Success Story


Liza Lloyd has dedicated her career to navigating the dynamic landscape of the energy industry. As the Head of UK Internal Audit at E.ON, her role involves ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards while steering the company towards a sustainable, decarbonised future. Her journey with The Pipeline began when she joined an internal leadership development programme at E.ON, where many of her colleagues spoke highly of The Pipeline's Leadership Summit as a transformative experience. Here is her story.

What was your motivation to join?

Curiosity and a desire for personal growth led me to The Pipeline's Leadership Summit. Encouraged by the success stories of colleagues, I was eager to immerse myself in an environment dedicated to empowering women in leadership. My primary goals revolved around bolstering my self-belief and confidence, areas where I knew I had untapped potential.

What was your Programme experience?

From the outset, The Leadership Summit exceeded my expectations. The blend of theory and hands-on practice created a dynamic learning environment, while the pre-summit networking opportunities fostered a sense of camaraderie among participants. Each session left an indelible mark, challenging me to confront my fears and embrace growth. Despite moments of discomfort, I found solace in the collective journey shared with fellow attendees.

What’s the impact on your Leadership Skills?

The impact of The Pipeline's Leadership Summit on my leadership journey has been profound. Empowered by newfound confidence, I pursued a promotion that once seemed beyond reach. Despite lacking technical expertise in the role, I embraced the challenge, guided by the resilience and self-assurance instilled during the summit. In January 2024, I assumed my new executive role, a testament to the transformative power of the programme.

Would you recommend The Leadership Summit?

Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend The Pipeline to anyone seeking to ignite their leadership potential. The programme’s blend of support and challenge fosters meaningful growth, equipping participants with the tools to navigate complex leadership landscapes. From insightful sessions to personalised coaching, every aspect of The Pipeline's programme cultivates lasting impact.

“Reflecting on my journey with The Pipeline, I am reminded of the power of stepping outside one's comfort zone. The discomfort I experienced served as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, reshaping my internal dialogue and propelling me towards new heights. For those considering participation, my advice is simple: embrace the journey wholeheartedly. In the midst of discomfort lies the opportunity for transformation, and The Pipeline's Leadership Summit offers a roadmap to realising your full potential.”

Liza Lloyd
Author Liza Lloyd | Head of UK Audit | E.ON

Liza Lloyd is the Head of UK Audit at E.ON and responsible for strategic leadership in mitigating risk within UK operational business through directing audit activities. She attended The Pipeline's Leadership Summit programme in 2023.