11 August 2023

Celebrating Rebecca Dennis: A Trailblazer In Women’s Football


Rebecca Dennis is a prominent figure in women’s football in the UK, holding the position of Senior Strategy & Business Manager at The Football Association.

Her career journey showcases her dedication to driving transformative change and advancing women’s football in the country. As an alumna of the Top Flight programme, Rebecca’s journey demonstrates how the programme has shaped her leadership style, removed personal barriers, and empowered her to make a lasting impact in her role at The FA.


Rebecca’s career trajectory took her from a finance and accountancy background to the world of sports and strategic management. She previously worked at Goldman Sachs Asset Management and St. James’s Wealth Management before transitioning to The FA, where she held roles as a Senior Business Partner and consulted on Europe-wide strategy development for UEFA.

Passion for Women’s Football

Rebecca’s passion for women’s football grew when she joined The FA. She realised the immense potential of the sport to drive societal change and empower women. She saw women’s football as more than just a game; it had the power to promote gender equality and inspire young girls across the country.

Rebecca Dennis Women's Football

Driving Change in the Football Landscape

Rebecca’s role as the Senior Strategy & Business Manager at The FA allowed her to be at the forefront of transformative change in the women’s game. Spearheading a multi-year strategy during a time of huge growth in the game through participation, viewership and the representation of the game, and success, on the world stage. Her leadership played a pivotal role in The FA achieving remarkable success.

Challenges and Opportunities

Rebecca acknowledges that women’s football had historically been male-dominated, but she witnessed significant changes in recent years. The introduction of influential leaders, such as Baroness Sue Campbell, Director of Women’s Football, has been instrumental in driving inclusivity and diversity within the sport. However, challenges remain, and Rebecca believes there is more to be done to make women’s football more representative and accessible.

Top Flight Programme Impact

The Top Flight programme, including a session conducted by Sue Campbell herself, made a profound impact on Rebecca’s career and personal growth. It helped her break personal barriers and boosted her confidence in her leadership abilities. The programme’s focus on diverse leadership styles and practical guidance, such as mentorship and networking, allowed her to explore different aspects of leadership and connect with a supportive cohort of like-minded women.

Returning from Maternity Leave with Confidence

After participating in the programme, Rebecca went on maternity leave and returned to work with newfound confidence. The programme empowered her to approach her career with a purpose driven mindset and a belief in her ability to make a difference. This confidence translated into her role, leading to a deeper understanding of the broader organisational context and industry challenges.

Outlook on the Future

Rebecca remains optimistic about the future of women’s football in the UK. While there are challenges, she believes that with continued effort, women’s football will flourish and inspire societal change. As the Women’s World Cup approaches, Rebecca hopes for the best and remains supportive of the team, knowing that the players’ dedication and talent will drive them to do their best.

Final Thoughts

Rebecca Dennis’s success story showcases her journey from finance to women’s football leadership and highlights the impact of the Top Flight programme on her career. Her dedication to advancing women’s football and promoting gender equality is evident in her role at The FA. As an alumna of the programme, Rebecca is a strong advocate for diverse leadership and empowering women to reach their full potential. Her inspiring journey serves as a testament to the power of leadership development programmes in driving positive change in the sports industry and beyond.

Pargavi Arulrajh
Author Pargavi Arulrajh | Marketing Coordinator | The Pipeline

Pargavi is the Marketing Coordinator at The Pipeline. She is extremely passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and believes that people from different backgrounds should be allowed equal opportunities to better their lives and careers.