We help global organisations and the Civil Service build, promote and retain ethnically diverse, gender-balanced teams from the ExCo through to middle management.

We help organisations truly understand why women of all ethnicities aren’t advancing and increasingly likely to leave. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or want to do better, we are confident our solutions will deliver outcomes which outperform anything else in the market.

Our Women Count 2023 Report shows beyond doubt, there is a link between profit and diversity. To survive and prosper in an era of turbulence and change, businesses must have ethnically diverse, gender balanced Executive Committees and a succession plan of diverse talent in the levels directly below.

Organisations work with us on an individual, department and organisational-wide basis. Whether you require a needs assessment, data diagnostics or advisory services to build the business case for investment, through to leadership development programmes and coaching, talk to us.

Organisations who work with us include

Organisations need bespoke solutions

At The Pipeline, we can deliver the DEI solutions that are right for you and your organisation. In order to achieve the broadest level of impact on the talent pipeline of some of our clients, we have designed in-house programmes tailored to specific requirements.

For one client, a global oil and gas company, we developed a programme in partnership with the client called Developing Female Leaders, which involved a group of 20 women from around the world taking part in 6 half-day virtual sessions over 6 weeks, with the sessions focusing on six key themes: Personal Brand, Strategic Networking, Finance & Numbers, Leadership Impact, Understanding Resilience, and Personal Confidence. Each participant received two hours of one-to-one coaching. The programme also included the line managers of the participants taking part in our Leading Diverse Teams programme, in order for the managers to better support and proactively sponsor their direct-reports after they had completed the programme.

For another client, in the banking/financial services sector, we have provided a wrap-around service providing end-to-end insight and support for their efforts to meet their diversity targets. First, their most senior female executives took part in our year-long Top Flight programme over successive years. This was followed by the organisation participating in our GENIE Diversity Diagnostic tool, which enables us to pinpoint exactly where the blockages were in the organisation and what needed to change. With this knowledge, the organisation put two tranches of women through an in-house Leadership Summit programme, whilst at the same time putting their managers through our Leading Diverse Teams programme, to ensure maximum effect. Participants all also received one-to-one coaching.

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

Whether you're starting your DEI journey or mature in your outlook, we can help you embed systemic solutions with measurable outcomes.



Our behavioural diagnostic tool, GENIE helps organisations draw on data and insight to understand and measure who is included and who has opportunities to advance. This shows you where to invest your DEI and talent budgets to build an equitable and inclusive company.

Case Study

Watch our video about the importance of achieving diverse executive committees in your organisation.