26 November 2023

Women Count 2023

Women Count

Empowering Change: Explore the Women Count Report 2023


Unlocking Leadership: Breaking Barriers in FTSE350 Commercial Roles

Welcome to the Women Count Report 2023 by The Pipeline, an exploration of gender dynamics within the executive committees of FTSE350 companies.

In our eighth annual report, we uncover a sobering reality: only 1 in 5 commercial roles on FTSE350 executive committees is occupied by women. As we delve into the heart of gender representation at the highest echelons of UK businesses, key findings emerge, urging us to redefine leadership norms.

Key Insights:

  • Functional Roles CEO Positions: Rather than securing pivotal executive roles like CEOs or those with P&L responsibilities, women predominantly find themselves in ‘functional’ roles such as HR or Marketing. This limiting trend obstructs the path to crucial leadership positions.
  • Board Diversity Milestones: While female representation on FTSE350 boards has exceeded 30%, the report reveals nuances that cannot be overlooked:
    • Only 13% of FTSE100 companies have a female
    • A mere 9% of FTSE350 companies boast a female CEO, up from 4% in 2019.
    • Despite comprising nearly half of qualified accountants, only 18% of FTSE350 companies have a female CFO.
  • Sector Disparities: Significant variations in gender representation across sectors highlight success stories and areas needing urgent Sectors like transport, health, and insurance boast over 40% female representation on executive committees, while IT, automobile, mining, and private equity lag below 20%.

Survey of Senior Women:

For the first time, we include insights from over 200 executive women, uncovering challenges they face in their careers:

  • Workplace Culture Hurdles: 47% identify workplace environment and culture-related issues as the primary obstacle to their leadership development.
  • Organisational Support: 44% believe their organisations aren’t prioritising enough support for women to achieve career goals.
  • Critical Decisions: 48% highlight flexibility and career advancement as pivotal decisions for leadership teams to empower women.

Your Role in Driving Change:

As you explore the Women Count Report 2023, consider the impact of these findings on your organisation. Share the report with your network, initiate conversations, and join the dialogue on gender diversity in leadership.

Women Count Report 2023

Women Count Report 2023