Top Flight

Our flagship programme helps women with potential take that last difficult step to Executive Committee and CEO roles.

Women Count 2017

Lorna Fitzsimons, The Pipeline's Co-Founder, explains on Sky News that progress on FTSE 350 gender diversity has regressed, despite a positive link between women in senior roles and business performance. She says, "In this low growth economy, you cannot rule out the gain, that having a better balance on your Executive Committee brings your organisation."

Leadership Summit

This results driven programme helps women stuck in middle management break through to executive roles.

Our Clients

Why us?

  • Established in 2012 The Pipeline has helped organisations to successfully promote hundreds of female executives.
  • The Pipeline serves FTSE 100 companies or equivalent across all sectors.

  • We also help Whitehall increase the number of women in Permanent Secretary and Director General roles.

  • Tried and tested diagnostic tools plus leading in-house and cross-industry programmes.

  • Women learn from the experience and thinking of world class business leaders and contributors. They feel more confident and able to believe in themselves and their leadership capability.

  • Excellent client retention with organisations staying with us since inception.

  • Please speak to organisations and individual female executives that have experienced our programmes and services.

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What Senior Executives Say

‘Working with The Pipeline has also helped us think, as a company, about how we can support more women in reaching the highest levels.’

Janet Burr, HR Director, Thames Water Utilities

‘FTSE 350 companies with more women on their Executive Committees perform better financially. It is therefore concerning that the percentage of women on Executive Committees has stagnated…companies will have to do more to meet the Government’s target of 33% by 2020.’

Donald Brydon, Chairman, London Stock Exchange Group
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