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Irrespective of industry, leading our businesses, our people, ourselves and our families through a crisis of this magnitude is a huge challenge for us all. Both of us, and the whole Pipeline team, are here to support you whether you are a client or one of our brilliant alumni.

We are a community and we both feel passionately about helping in anyway we can. There is no issue too big or small and as you all know we will reach out to our extensive network to help you.

Please contact us if there is anything we can do to help you. Even if it's just for a supporting chat or as a sounding board.

The Pipeline are leading Diversity and Inclusion specialists. We work with organisations, teams and individuals to deliver better results.

Highly acclaimed diversity solutions


Our flagship programme helps women with potential take that last difficult step to Executive Committee and CEO roles. To find out more, click here


This results driven programme helps women stuck in middle management break through to executive roles. To find out more, click here


Developed using primary and secondary academic research, this tool helps question the known barriers that exist within organisations. To find out more, click here

What our clients say

Jane Kielty

"I've gone from being the hired help regionally to driving and owning the strategy of my organisation in the UK. Top Flight helped me to make that choice and catapulted my career."

Jane Kielty — Managing Director, National, AON

Juliette Layne

"Being part of the Leadership Summit gave me a renewed energy to go out there and make my ambitions a reality."

Juliette Layne — Programme Director at the Home Office

"Working with The Pipeline really helped us to identify what's important for women to be able to progress in our business."

Simon Linares — Former HR Director, Direct Line Group

The Pipeline Clients


  • Established in 2012 The Pipeline has helped organisations to successfully improve Diversity and Inclusion.
  • The Pipeline serves FTSE 100 companies or equivalent across all sectors.
  • The Pipeline has helped organisations successfully promote hundreds of female executives.
  • We also help Whitehall increase the number of women in Permanent Secretary and Director General roles.
  • Tried and tested diagnostic tools plus leading in-house and cross-industry development programmes.
  • Women learn from the experience and thinking of world class business leaders and contributors. They feel more confident and able to believe in themselves and their leadership capability.
  • Excellent client retention with organisations staying with us since inception.
  • Please speak to organisations and individual female executives that have experienced our programmes and services.
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"The Pipeline’s Women Count report confirms everything my own career in business has taught me about people, culture and success. It provides hard evidence that promoting more women isn’t just ‘the right thing to do’ – it produces measurable returns. This is essential reading for all businesses that want to innovate and grow. Siemens continues to strengthen its position as a world-leading business because our people have the richest range of experience from as many viewpoints and backgrounds as possible. "
Juergen Maier - CEO, Siemens UK
"I found the content to be thought-provoking and extremely relevant, offering a balance of academia, case studies and personal insight."
Kirsty Pitcher - HR Director, Retail & Opticians, Boots UK
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