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7th August 2020

More women at the top means more profits for businesses — and a stronger economy for everyone

28th July 2020

Retail is one of worst performing sectors for gender diversity in senior roles, study shows

Male Dominated Boards Massively Underperform: New Diversity Survey

Companies with more female executives are more profitable

Retail one of worst performing sectors for women in exec roles, research finds

Large companies with no female executive committee members ‘missed out on £47 billion last year’

Retail named as one of the worst performing sectors for gender diversity

Lack of women in top roles sees leading firms miss out on profits

U.K. Companies With More Women on Executive Boards Outperform on Profits

Firms with more female executives ‘perform better’

Female bosses could help firms to reap 10 times more profit, research shows

UK economy missing out on £47bn due to lack of women in leadership roles

Lack of UK female bosses leads to £47bn profit gap – CityAM

27th July 2020

Large Companies no female executive committee members missed 47 billion last year

3rd July 2020

Maintaining Diversity During an Economic Crisis

Building Resilience – The Role of HR Directors

10th June 2020

Talent Is Everywhere But Opportunity Is Not

Gender Diversity Post-Lockdown

30th April 2020


27th June 2019

Balance For Better – Lorna Fitzsimons

13th March 2019

A Job for the Girls

29th June 2018

BIE Executive HR Roundtable

JLR report

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