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Women Count 2017

In 2017, The Pipeline continued its annual research into the FTSE 350 to analyse the state of gender diversity at executive and board level.

"Women are over mentored and under sponsored; it is sponsorship that makes the difference"
Margaret McDonagh - Co-Founder, The Pipeline


Executive Committees in the FTSE 350

The percentage of women on Executive Committees across the FTSE 350 has stayed the same at 16% over the last 12 months and more FTSE 350 companies since 2016 (an increase of 8) have no women on their Executive Committee.


Executive Committees Profit Margins

FTSE 350 companies with no women on their Executive Committee perform the worst of all groups on net profit margin.
Profit margins are almost double in companies with at least 25% females on their Executive Committee compared to those with none.

The number of women Executives on main PLC boards is low

There are 791 Executive Directors on main plc boards, only 65 of these are women – this means women represent less than 10%.
A staggering 262 companies have no women executives on their Main Board.

Executive Committees P&L Roles

The percentage of FTSE 350 women executives in profit and loss (P&L) roles has dropped from 38% to 35%.
Just 6% of Executive Committee members are women in P&L roles.
60% of women on FTSE 350 Executive Committees hold functional roles such as HR, marketing, legal or compliance.