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Women Count 2016

In 2016, The Pipeline conducted its first research into the FTSE 350 to analyse the state of gender diversity at executive and board level.

"This is a highly valuable report as it is the only one tracking the number of women on executive committees in the FTSE 350 and their resulting economic impact."
Donald Brydon - Chairman, London Stock Exchange Group

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The Women Count series is the only study which reviews the role, value and number of women executives in the FTSE 350. The data was gathered through a mixed-methods approach examining company websites, annual and other reports and direct contact with companies.

2016 Key Findings

49 FTSE 350 firms currently have Executive Committees made up of 25% women or more

In the FTSE 350 there were 2,038 members of Executive Committees, of these 318 (16%) were women

In the FTSE 100 there were 856 members of Executive Committee, of these 147 (17%) were Women

Companies with a woman CEO were, on average, likely to have more than twice the number of women on their Executive Committees than companies with a male CEO; and over three times the number of women in P&L roles