The FT recently reported on research done by Boston Consulting Group in the UK market. It found whilst senior managers were inclined to focus on recruiting more women, interventions to support retaining and promoting women already in the pipeline had a far greater impact. This resonates with our experience and other research: if companies aren’t seen to act right at the top – supporting, developing and promoting their most senior women they have an even greater retention problem with their most talented junior women.

Organisations find that far too many women with high potential languish in lower level roles as their careers don’t progress as fast once in a company. Also, women are very loyal and tend to stay longer in roles and get stuck in middle management. Again, acting at the top helps mitigate this behaviour.

We have run two programmes in the market that are now helping companies address this phenomenon with real results. After four years of running our Top Flight Programme 88.6% of participants (typically one level below executive committee) are still with, and thriving at, their company. We’ve had similar outcomes from our Leadership Summit: How to get out of middle management.

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