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Judith Eden
Independent Non-Executive Director
ICBC Standard Bank
Following 23 years’ international financial services career with Morgan Stanley, Judith now fulfils a Non Executive portfolio across banking, insurance and wealth management.

Currently Independent non-executive director and Audit Committee Chair at ICBC Standard Bank plc; independent non-executive director at Flood Re; independent non-executive director at Invesco UK; Member of the Joint Audit Committee for the Kent Police Chief Constable and Crime Commissioner.

Former non-executive director across Morgan Stanley Investment Management's European cross border fund management business; member of Morgan Stanley International Audit Committee; non-executive member of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney UK Holdings Ltd Audit Committee

Joined Morgan Stanley 1992; spent fourteen years in Audit, Operational Management and Finance on broker/dealer side before joining Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) in 2006 as part of internal hedge fund start up

In 2009 appointed a Director of MSIM Ltd and promoted onto the Divisional management team as CAO where I oversaw a period of significant restructuring and change

In 2013 additionally became CEO of MSIM's European cross border fund management company, MSIM ACD Ltd, before leaving mid 2015 to pursue a portfolio career.