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Gill Wylie
Enterprise Transformation Director, Group Digital & Transformation
Lloyds Banking Group
Gill is a change and technology leader who loves to guide people to deliver new innovative solutions that transform businesses. Gill has spent most of her career working across technology and data companies and Financial Services.

Gill grew up in Northern Ireland and studied Computer Science at Queens University, Belfast before setting up roots in London. In her early years Gill gained tremendous experience and was rewarded with an appointment to the Executive Committee of an SME. This is where she learned to balance the demands of clients, lead and develop people whilst ensuring the company was profitable. Gill explains that she has been fortunate to work in senior roles for companies that embrace both technology and business change and put their customers at the heart of everything they do. Prior to returning to Lloyds Banking Group, Gill ran the UK Systems Integration division of an IT Consultancy and Services company (Atos) where she was able to work closely with clients from a variety of sectors and bring innovation and services to help them transform their businesses, especially focusing on Digital transformation.

Gill recently returned to Lloyds Banking Group where she is part of an executive team leading the group through the biggest digital transformation she has ever been involved with. The size and scale is providing the opportunity for Gill to learn everyday whilst continuing to have fun along the way.

Gill likes to encourage team work whilst having fun along the way. Gill is a big sports fan having played for Arsenal Ladies football team (a long time ago). Nowadays she has to be content with watching her two sons, Josh and Alex, play sports.