We at The Pipeline welcome today’s Hampton-Alexander Review ‘FTSE Women Leaders’. Sadly it reflected our findings in Women Count 2017 earlier this year that, despite significant efforts, women make up only 16% of FTSE 350 Executive Committees and a tiny 8% of executive directors on main plc boards.

This is why it is so important that today Government reiterated its target of having 33% women on FTSE 350 Executive Committees and their Direct Reports by 2020 – less than three years away. It is clear that without a herculean effort over the next 12 months this target will not be met at the current pace of change.

This was very evident in the change in tone from Sir Philip and Government where they are now very clear that these figures are not acceptable and there is no way a meritocracy throws up 92% male representation on Executive Committees and 84% of executive directors on main plc boards being men – and mainly white men.

We at the Pipeline believe the next 12 months will determine if the target is reached. Given the time pressures and scale of the problem it is critical for organisations to set clear targets and measure and reward against them, as this is the only, really sure way businesses have of delivering.

We know from working with clients such as E.ON, JLR, M&S, Morrisons and Thames Water over the last five years what can be done and has been done. We were pleased to see that M&S and Morrisons were named in the Top 10 best performers.

To read the Hampton-Alexander Review in full, click here.