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The Pipeline are leading Diversity and Inclusion specialists. We work with organisations, teams and individuals to deliver better results. We have built GENIE™, the largest bank of data using both primary and secondary academic research on the barriers that exist, to evidence our tailored interventions for organisations who are looking to improve Diversity and Inclusion. This provides the basis of the leadership programmes we design and run for individual women, teams and organisations.


GENIE is a leading diagnostic tool which provides the data and insights organisations need to inform decisions and develop initiatives that drive lasting change. GENIE can be tailored to your organisational requirements and enable you to meet all of your diversity priorities including age, gender, ethnicity, social mobility, LGBTQ+ and neurodiversity. Read More


The Pipeline develops and runs exceptional leadership programmes for individual women and for organisations that want to be better at managing and developing diverse teams. Top Flight and Leadership Summit, our highly acclaimed programmes, operate across all industries, so women develop a powerful, strategic network. Read More


The Pipeline run a consultancy service that helps you achieve your diversity aims. Our senior consultants and specialists work with your CEO and Executive Committee to clarify your beliefs and set goals. We then develop an effective plan with you to achieve those goals. We do this through The Pipeline’s Gender GAP Framework. Read More

Retain the best talent


of Top Flight participants are still with, and thriving at their organisation

Address your gender pay gap


of Leadership Summit participants are promoted or broaden their role within 6 months

Diversity Diagnostic


GENIE™ reveals the ease with which diverse groups can navigate their way through your organisation and maximise their career potential. It also tells you how your messages on inclusion are landing and whether leaders need more support to build and manage diverse groups.

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Executive Programmes


TOP FLIGHT is for senior female executives whose organisations believe they have the potential to reach CEO and C-suite roles. Read More


LEADERSHIP SUMMIT for women who have the potential but need that extra push to break through to the executive leadership family. Read More


DIVERSE TEAMS supports managers who want to be more confident and better able to manage and build diverse teams. Read More


SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMMES work with sponsors and women to maximise the potential of these relationships as women are less likely to be sponsored. Read More


EXECUTIVE COACHING for senior female executives to reach agreed development aims. Read More


EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT where organisations want to build an internal network of emerging female talent. Read More

Consultancy Services


Gender Insight We use a variety of tools to deliver a quantitative and qualitative report which provides a clear understanding of the current role of women in your organisation and, if needed, options to improve your position.

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Profit margins are almost


in FTSE350 Executive Committees with at least 25% females

Leadership & Culture

How is your culture enabling or hindering the creation of an inclusive workplace?

Business Risk Appetite and Openness

How bias-free are your decisions on recruitment, development, reward and promotion?

Development Resources

How confident are you that men and women understand how to progress their careers at your organisation?

Personal Career Skills

How do you know if gender stereotypes inhibit employees from reaching their potential?


How do you develop diverse groups – active talent planning, role modelling or formal programmes?

Which GENIE Evaluation dimension is holding back your gender diversity?
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