Building a Sustainable Pipeline

The Pipeline was established in 2013 with the purpose of helping organisations achieve greater gender diversity at senior levels. Our approach is economic as we believe that organisations with greater diversity are more likely to succeed so we help both employers and individual women as they prepare for leadership roles. We are now the pre-eminent UK organisation operating in this space providing a holistic range of services, on a national and international basis, including:

  • Board & Executive Committee Advice
  • Development of personalised corporate action plans
  • Gender assessment and review of current practise (GAIA)
  • Gender Evaluation & Inclusion diagnostic tool (GENIE)- explains the barriers your people face so you can focus time and resources removing those that will make the most difference
  • Heat Map – diagnostic tool that alerts you to gaps in your talent pipeline over time

Services for Organisations

Gender Assessment & Inclusion Analysis (GAIA) - This is a quantitative and qualitative report to provide those procuring services with a clear understanding of the current role of women in an organisation and the likelihood, if needed, of future change and improvement. It also exbenchmarks against 'Women Count' an independent and comprehensive analysis of the FTSE 350.

Gender Inclusion and Evaluation Survey - This is a proprietary tool that gives organisations a practical insight into the gaps and barriers that are holding women back. This diagnostic tool delivers trend analysis so organisations can measure progress over time.

Heat Map

Heat Map - The Pipeline uses its custom-built software to help organisations understand where they need to bring on female talent for future roles to avoid having a situation where there are no women to appoint.

Attrition Analysis

Attrition Analysis - The Pipeline researchers analyse the reasons behind attrition from interviewing women executives leaving the organisation.


Advisory - The Pipeline works with individual leaders and boards to develop strategy, agree targets, review progress and just as importantly create communications to ensure that their objectives land well and are understood.

Senior Leaders and Managers

Supporting Senior Leaders and Managers - The Pipeline works with senior leaders and managers to help them understand the differences between men and women and how they can best develop and encourage female talent.

Sponsorship Programmes

Sponsorship Programmes - We know that women find it harder to get a sponsor and that having one is key to executive success. That is why The Pipeline runs internal sponsorship programmes, training and supporting both the sponsor and the individual female executive.