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What is the fastest way to achieve gender diversity in your company?

The FT recently reported on research done by Boston Consulting Group in the UK market. It found whilst senior managers were inclined to focus on recruiting more women, interventions to support retaining and promoting women [...]

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Four steps to improve your organisation’s gender diversity

Having worked with a wide range of clients helping them increase the number of women in senior roles, we are often asked for our top tips. Based on research and our hands-on experience there are [...]

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Jennifer Thomas from Direct Line, aims for the top

Jennifer Thomas from Direct Line, a participant of The Pipeline’s Top Flight programme, gave Management Today an insight into her career path, the business case for diversity and how ethnic diversity is the next on [...]

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New year resolutions for you at work: get a promotion and a pay rise

Lorna Fitzsimons, CEO and Co-founder of The Pipeline, was asked by FT Money for her opinion on how you can change the way you manage your money in 2017. Whilst responses from other experts gave excellent [...]

Hampton-Alexander Review: FTSE 100 executive pipeline needs more women at the top

Sir Philip Hampton, Chair of GlaxoSmithKline, and Dame Helen Alexander, Chair of UBM, are heading up a government-backed review of women at the top of British business. There has been great progress increasing the numbers [...]

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Women Count 2016: the number and value of FTSE 350 female executives

Research completed by The Pipeline suggests that there is a correlation between company performance and women in CEO and Executive Committee roles. Yet, women make up 16 per cent of executive committee members across the [...]

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