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Alison Davies from Saga on her promotion and the role of confidence for women executives

We caught up with Alison Davies who is now the Chief Operating Officer for Saga Services and Director of Contact Centre Operations for the Saga Group. She talked about her career aspirations, her ambitions for [...]

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Gill Baker, Director at E.ON, on leading huge infrastructure projects and career advice that makes a difference

What’s your new job? I’ve led our Field Operations at E.ON for two years now and recently been made Director of Field Operations and Smart Metering where I make sure all of our 7 million [...]

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Robust action needed to meet Government’s target for Women in FTSE Leadership roles

We at The Pipeline welcome today's Hampton-Alexander Review 'FTSE Women Leaders'. Sadly it reflected our findings in Women Count 2017 earlier this year that, despite significant efforts, women make up only 16% of FTSE 350 [...]

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Nicola Johnson, Director at E.ON, on her recent promotion and top three career tips

Nicola Johnson, Director at E.ON and currently on Top Flight, tells us all about her recent promotion and shares what's helped her achieve her career goals so far. What’s your new job? I’m the Director [...]

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