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Leadership Summit

McKinsey found one of the common pipeline pain points for women is languishing in middle management. This is a 3-day Leadership Summit to reduce the number of women who get stuck in middle management. Without this intervention organisations will not have sufficient numbers ready to populate short lists and promote to executive roles.

"Incredible, high impact; I am now fully aware that I need to have a plan and articulate it, get others involved and support me to make it happen."
Kerstin Borrs - Finance Director, Mars Germany Petcare

Helping women break into the executive family

We find at this middle management level women are most likely to get stuck in an “attainment trap” whereas they need to be displaying “leadership potential”. We help participants build personal brands, improve their communication skills understand the power of networking and the importance of recruiting sponsors. We also help them to question underlying assumptions in strategic and financial plans. This is a practical programme and participants leave with a 3-year career plan, which is followed up with a 6 month coaching call.


Karen Blackett OBE
Sue O'Brien OBE
Jasvinder Gakhal
Baroness Margaret McDonagh

Programme Participants

Suitable participants for this programme are women that are in ‘middle management’ and whose employers believe they have the potential to undertake an executive role. Individual candidates must be open to future promotion even if they do not currently feel fully equipped or confident.

Programme Outcomes

Build confidence and a consistent personal brand and

Deliver authentic powerful communication

Contribute to overall company strategy and purpose

Set a concrete three year career goal

Recruit and work effectively with sponsors to mutual benefit

Understand personal leadership style and impact on others

Benefits for organisations

Better business results with greater gender diversity

Increased female retention through better all-round relationships

More women to select from when compiling short lists for senior roles

Rapid promotion with stronger, confident women

Improved organisational performance as participants apply insights gained from contributors and peers

Increased employer attraction to millennials and Generation Z seeking greater gender diversity

Larger pool of female role-models to inspire and sponsor more junior women

Benefits for participants

Personalised career plan with check points to review progress

Access to high profile role models in an intimate setting

Unique mix of rigorous research, practical application and personalised roadmaps

Led by women with successful careers bringing their experience of how to overcome the barriers women face

Establishment of great network and ongoing support to sustain new behaviours

10 - 12



19 - 21

January 2021

23 - 25

March 2021

8 - 10

June 2021

At a glance

Central London, residential

£4,985 (excludes VAT and accommodation)

Includes a three day residential programme, teaching resources, reading materials, meals and hospitality.

Uncover the ten key insights and tools needed to break through to the executive family with women from across industry and the public sector.

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