Jasvinder Gakhal, an alumni of The Pipeline and Director of Direct Line for Business, was interviewed by the Evening Standard.

As she talked about her success and shared insights from her career, three highlights stood out for us:

  1. You’re the person in control of your career progression. The organisation has a joint responsibility for your career progression but the majority of it sits with you.
  2. Don’t let unexpected setbacks get you down. Pick yourself up, it could be a catalyst for something new.
  3. Make the most of career opportunities. It may feel risky but you’ll bring all your experience and knowledge with you.

We asked Jazz how our Top Flight programme for future CEOs made a difference to her success. She said, ‘If you get the chance to go on Top Flight, grab it with open arms. I came away with absolute clarity on my career goal, strengths and development areas backed up with a tactical plan. My confidence built through each of the sessions and benefits my employer as I lead one of their key growth businesses.’

To read the full interview with Jasvinder, click here https://www.standard.co.uk/business/secrets-of-my-success-jazz-gakhal-head-of-direct-line-for-business-a3597601.html

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