There is a large body of evidence that explains why organisations find it difficult to unlock talent potential (McKinsey 2016, IMF 2016, Hampton Alexander, Hewlett 2014, HBS 2010). Gender Inclusion & Evaluation or “GENIE” as we like to call it, is a diagnostic tool, that tells you how hard women (and men) are finding it difficult to realise their career potential and navigate their way through your organisation. Gen-IE identifies 5 dimensions – Leadership and Culture, Risk, Personal Career Skills, Confidence and Development Resources.  These dimensions are predictive to unlocking talent and where organisations could make a difference if they focus. GENIE’s matrix box is outlined below.

How it works

GENIE is scalable and can be used for executive levels only or for all colleagues.  Large organisations need a minimum sample size of 2,500 (includes leadership team plus male and female colleagues). There is no upper limit. GENIE takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and can analyse by age, gender, role, department, site or any other agreed geo-demographic.

Most importantly it compares the gaps between what the company’s ambition is, where they are and where they can focus. It helps all organisations with the desire to achieve greater numbers of women at senior levels understand what needs to be done to achieve this goal and unblock their female talent.


This proprietary diagnostic tool gives organisations a practical insight into the gaps and barriers that are holding women back. It delivers trend analysis so organisations measure progress over time.

We recommend that organisations undertaking a GENIE review, consider completing a Gender Audit. It gives those procuring services a clear understanding on the current role of women in their organisation, and the likelihood if needed, of future change and improvement. It reports on organisational ‘know how’, as well as, your policy framework, communication, training and outcomes. Our audits leave organisations an accurate understanding of where they are along with practical plans and ideas of how to move to a better place.

We will provide you with the information required within an 8-week time frame assuming information is provided in a timely manner. Experience indicates higher quality decision making in this area becomes the norm within three months.