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We all understand the importance of having a clear vision, a purpose and a set of core values.

But when it comes down to it, do your people really feel that they belong?



GENIE™ reveals the ease with which diverse groups can navigate their way through your organisation and maximise their career potential. It also tells you how your messages on inclusion are landing and whether leaders need more support to build and manage diverse groups.


To be successful, it is imperative that organisations create diverse teams, use every ounce of talent they possess and understand how to develop people both collectively and individually, to maximise potential.  When building a diverse workforce it is also key to ensure that the employer brand and company purpose is well communicated, role modelled and attractive to new talent.  But, many organisations have barriers that inhibit their ability to utilise and attract the diverse talent available. Often, businesses are blind to these barriers and unaware of the significant impact they have on talent development and ultimately business results.

Many organisations have made significant investments in Diversity and Inclusion.  It may be that the entry level statistics now look more positive, but how do you sustain this improvement?  

What is GENIE™?

GENIE™ is a purpose-built online diversity and inclusion evaluation tool that has been built on primary and secondary academic research. We provide organisations with the data and insight necessary to achieve greater diversity and inclusion at all levels in the workplace including gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, role, age, neurodiversity and social mobility.

Identifying an accurate baseline on which to build

Providing a comparator year on year and, over time

Demonstrating leadership commitment to making a difference in the area of inclusion and belonging

Enabling organisations to understand the attitudinal dynamics to diversity and inclusion and compare these against company ambitions, highlighting strengths and gaps at all levels

Establishing the evidence base for focusing more specifically on leadership development and creating impactful communications that are more targeted, cost efficient and effective

Underpinning organisational engagement and helping remove barriers to performance and development

How it works

GENIE™ is scalable and can be used for executive levels only or for all colleagues. Large organisations need a minimum sample size of 2,500  which includes the leadership team (there is no upper limit). GENIE takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and can analyse by age, gender, role, department, site or any other agreed geo-demographic.

Most importantly it compares the gaps between what the company’s ambition is, where they are and where they can focus. It helps all organisations with the desire to achieve greater numbers of diversity at senior levels understand what needs to be done to achieve this goal and unblock their diverse talent.

The GENIE Self-Service Reporting Dashboard is a fully interactive and dynamic digital tool, that gives you user-friendly access to the survey response data with the ability to interrogate the data and view it through multiple selectable lenses, via a suite of dashboards and includes verbatim comments analysis and sentiment analysis functionality. Our purpose-built reporting dashboard gives you full access to your data once the survey has been completed.

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