The Leadership SummitTM

3 Day Programme

Empowering senior women managers to fulfil their career potential

Programme Aim:
To build confidence, communication, a career focus and connections

What is The Leadership Summit?

The Leadership Summit is one of the most successful programmes in the UK designed to empower women in senior management positions to fulfil their potential.

Launched in 2016, with over 1,500 alumni from every sector of the economy, It’s a highly immersive, engaging and stretching development experience that helps women find their power and their voice and to use these to achieve both career and life goals.

Run over 3 days it takes you on a development journey that builds confidence, communication and connections, career clarity and resilience such that you can maximise your potential impact.

50% of the women who attend our programme are promoted within a year.
This is a real testament to the strength of the programme and its real-world application.

Who is The Leadership Summit For?

This programme is designed for senior women managers currently on the leadership path within large and complex organisations.

The ideal participant:

  • You have had 12-15 years of work experience and 8-10 years’ experience of managing people or teams
  • You've been identified as having high potential
  • You will be ready for promotion within the next 24 months
  • You have access to career development support within your organisation and sponsorship from your line management
98% of the women who attend would recommend our programme to their colleagues.
There are few, if any, other programmes available today that can lay claim this level of success.

Why choose The Leadership Summit?

The Leadership Summit is designed to build your confidence, communication and connections, a career focus and resilience.

The Leadership Summit does this through using a range of learning and development approaches and through the support of experienced facilitators who have not only had interesting careers, but also have expertise in women’s development. Additional dinner speakers give insights into how they built their executive careers.

Our residential programme runs over 3 days and gives you the theoretical and practical frameworks within which to think about both your leadership journey and to turbo charge your career. In style it is non-academic, highly participative, enjoyable and fun.

To further support you when you get back into the workplace we also provide a follow-up private career coaching session with one of our coaches and give you access to career booster events.

You will leave the programme with:

  • A clear plan for driving your career forward and how to make the most of opportunities, communicating personal brand and sponsorship.
  • Increased insights into your own leadership style and how to leverage this.
  • Improved networking capabilities and a cohort of like-minded women to support you.
  • Improved confidence in delivering powerful personal and business communications.
  • Strategies and tactics for maintaining focus and well-being.
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The Leadership Summit 3 day agenda

Day 1


Introduction and Background
- Your value as a woman leader
- What’s holding you back?
- Setting goals in line with your purpose

Led by: Programme Leader


‘Personal Story Telling’

Led by: Communication Trainers & Actors


- Reception drinks & dinner
- Guest Speaker: “How I made it to the Executive”

Led by: Programme Leader
Day 2


- Understanding your impact on others.
- Building your strategic network.

Led by: Programme Leader


Building & Communicating your personal brand

Led by: Personal Brand Expert

Afternoon & Evening

- Building your plan
- Where do you go from here?

Led by: Programme Leader


- Reception drinks & dinner
- Shaping your plan

Day 3


Finance – Understanding the assumptions behind the figures

Led by: Finance Expert

Acing the interview process

Led by: Career and Recruitment Consultants


- Building resilience
- Health and wellbeing

Led by: Wellbeing Expert
6 months after attendance

Follow up with Executive Coach

A follow up call to talk though progress against the four programme themes:
- Confidence
- Career Focus
- Connectivity
- Resilience

Led by: Executive Coach

Programme dates

The Leadership Summit will run on the following dates in 2024:

Tuesday 12th - Thursday 14th
Tuesday 21st - Thursday 23rd
Tuesday 18th - Thursday 20th
Tuesday 24th - Thursday 26th
Tuesday 19th - Thursday 21st
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The Pipeline

The Pipeline was established to address the lack of gender parity in the leadership of organisations, private, public and third sector and support organisations to maximise the potential of the talented women they employ such that their organisations can perform better.

We offer consulting, coaching and development programmes to clients who want to achieve better talent pipeline outcomes at every level of their organisation and are looking for an agile, flexible, and responsive partner to create solutions to their problems. Since 2013 we have supported more than 170 clients to improve their talent pipeline performance.

We offer tailored programmes to organisations for women and ethnic minorities at senior management and senior leadership levels, and in 2024 will launch a new programme aimed at women in management with leadership potential. We publish the annual ‘Women Count’ report and run the acclaimed 'Top Flight' programme for women with potential to reach the executive committee of their organisations. We also support organisations with the development and measurement of their diversity and inclusion strategies and provide executive coaching.