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Diversity Diagnostic

The Pipeline enables organisations to achieve their diversity goals through outstanding diagnostic tools, excellent leadership programmes and bespoke consultancy. We begin by providing organisations with data and insights on diversity across all groups. Once these results are known we can help organisations achieve sustainable gender diversity by focusing on the best interventions from our holistic range of services including highly acclaimed Executive Programmes and Consultancy Projects.


GENIE Evaluation reveals the ease with which diverse groups can navigate their way through your organisation and maximise their career potential. It also tells you how your messages on inclusion are landing and whether leaders need more support to build and manage diverse groups.


GENIE PLANNING takes the data from your systems and maps the progress of individual groups by executive role, function, directorate, division, and geography. If you have a talent mapping process in place it is “future proofed” and will reveal your progress over time (ie currently, 6 months from now, 18 months and so on).

Leadership & Culture

How is your culture enabling or hindering the creation of an inclusive workplace?

Business Risk Appetite and Openness

How bias-free are your decisions on recruitment, development, reward and promotion?

Development Resources

How confident are you that men and women understand how to progress their careers at your organisation?

Personal Career Skills

How do you know if gender stereotypes inhibit employees from reaching their potential?


How do you develop diverse groups – active talent planning, role modelling or formal programmes?

Which GENIE Evaluation dimension is holding back your gender diversity?
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Why GENIE Evaluation?

GENIE Evaluation can help attract and retain the best talent, improve your gender pay gap, and bring you the business benefits of gender diversity by:

Creating a baseline to plan next steps and provide a comparator with other organisations

Developing the evidence base to choose interventions that are more targeted, cost efficient and effective

Outlining attitudinal dynamics and comparing against organisational ambition, highlighting gaps at all levels

Increasing organisational engagement and removing barriers to performance for women and men

The evidence supporting GENIE Evaluation

This diagnostic tool designed by The Pipeline is based on five years of primary research in the largest study of its kind, including executive interviews, focus groups, quantitative work and a longitudinal study of over 500 female executives, Boards, CEOs and C-Suites in over 100 large organisations. These findings were cross checked and referenced with academic and industry research on topics such as:

Gender difference in career horizons (YSC 2010)

The importance of sponsorship (HBS 2010)

Female characteristics fitting a global networked world (McKinsey 2017)

The financial benefits of diversity (IMF 2016)

Lack of feedback for women (Hewlett 2014)