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BAME Breakthrough Summit

There has been little progress on achieving gender diversity at senior levels. However, improving the representation of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic women is an even bigger challenge. In response, The Pipeline has created this senior women’s leadership programme specifically aimed at helping organisations to retain and promote these talented women.

Before Breakthrough Summit


of BAME women would apply for a promotion.

This figure jumped to


after attending our programme.


Programme Content

This senior women’s leadership programme gives participants a rigorous, intellectual and research-based framework within which to analyse their career, supported by practical application. It covers ‘How to’:

Be clear on their purpose and how they can make a difference

Be able to better plan their careers and communicate their strengths

Articulate their value, purpose, career objectives and strengths with senior stakeholders, sponsors, interviewers, panels, line managers and HR professionals

Develop a much wider strategic network

Have more confidence to look for stretch roles and take on opportunities which are out of their comfort zone

Develop greater resilience and therefore be more likely to see any set back as a learning opportunity

Actively seek out an appropriate sponsor and have honest conversations on their career aspirations with the appropriate individuals.

The Attainment Trap

Many Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women tend to stay longer in job roles compared to their male counterparts. We’ve categorised this behaviour as falling into the ‘attainment trap’. In this situation, women are either not considered for promotion or they self-censor, not applying for more senior roles as they believe they lack the requisite experience. The following four areas were more disproportionate for BAME women:

Role Models

Lack of role models meant it was hard to get on or believe they would


They received much less feedback (negative and positive) than their male or white female colleagues

Organisational 'nous'

They had little or no understanding of 'how you get on around here'


These women were extremely nervous about psychometric testing and numerical reasoning.

2020 & 2021 Dates

24 - 26

November 2020

27 - 29

April 2021

At A Glance

Central London, residential

£4,985 (excludes VAT and accommodation)

Includes a three day residential programme, teaching resources, reading materials, meals and hospitality.