At the MK-LF Partnership, we work with organisations to ensure they have enough female talent at all levels of their pipeline to create organisational resilience and commercial advantage through diversity and choice. The Pipeline: ‘Good Start’ is a development programme designed to ensure that young women at entry level are retained and able to realise their full potential for their organisation.

The seeds of an organisation’s lack of female talent to promote at its more senior levels are sewn at this stage. Research to date shows that women at this early stage fail to develop a mid or long term plan unlike their male contemporaries (YSC 2014). These young women are also much less likely to have regular and informal feedback on their progress or to have recruited a sponsor compared with male colleagues (Executive Presence 2013).

The Pipeline ‘Good Start’ addresses all of these issues.

‘Good Start’ is made up of four 1 day modules, taught on a quarterly basis over a year. It can run side by side any graduate scheme in situ and will add value. MK-LF can take women from all disciplines within your organisation, no matter what the organisation’s size. Indeed, the relationships established at this early stage will help these women create a network of support for their corporate career with in an organisation and also develop loyalty to the company. It also helps them develop their personal brand which is known to help advance their career with in a company and is one of the key issues determining later executive success.

In addition to the group module, ‘Good Start’ also includes four 2 hour sessions with an experienced coach. It is important that we check that individual participants can take the learning and make it a practical reality.

All taught through the latest research on what is the most successful and supportive route forward for women. Content for the four days include –

Day 1: Introduction

  • Research – understanding what is happening in the work place
  • Career overview and the importance of planning
  • Confidence wheel – recognising what holds you back
  • Developing a plan from the confidence wheel results

Day 2: All things communication

Most organisations teach staff how to make presentations. Speaking well in public, at social occasions and moving audiences are very different skills.

  • Public speaking
  • Speaking at meetings
  • Messaging and content
  • Moving audiences
  • Speaking about yourself – personal narrative

Day 3: Influence

  • What is influence, why do you need to do it and how to do it?
  • Managing in all directions
  • Networking – what, who, why and how?
  • Recruiting a sponsor

Day 4: Leadership

  • What is a leader and do you need to be one?
  • Different leadership styles
  • Ethics
  • Leadership in a junior role – managing up

In addition, each day includes lunch with a successful women role model form within or outside the organisation.

Quarterly one-to-one coaching sessions with an experienced executive to ensure that group learning can be put into practice.