The Pipeline was established in 2012 to deliver exceptional Executive Leadership programmes specifically designed for women, because we believe organisations do better and are more able to succeed in our globalised world when they have greater gender diversity at the most senior levels (IMF 2016 and McKinsey 2016 for further research click here).

The Pipeline runs a range of services and programmes to help organisations liberate and promote great female executive talent including:

Top Flight

Our flagship programme helps women with potential take that last difficult step to Executive CEO and Executive Committee roles. Participants are from FTSE 100 organisations or equivalent and are ordinarily one or two roles below Executive Committee. This is an exceptional programme with a maximum of twenty-two participants across all sectors and functions, creating a fantastic network for the long term. We also include two women from Whitehall that the civil service hopes will make it to Permanent Secretary level.

Top Flight is muscular and designed to be undertaken whilst participants remain at work where they can incorporate their new found knowledge into their day-to-day lives. Participants join us for one year, kicking off in January, and are introduced to thought provoking group sessions led by inspirational business leaders. They also experience one-to-one coaching and career planning sessions. Top Flight is demonstrably successful with many participants achieving in-year promotions. We advise organisations to begin at this senior level because women will not strive for promotion or remain if they do not see other women making it to the top.

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Leadership Summit: how to find your way out of middle management

This is a three day Leadership Summit to reduce the number of women who get stuck in middle management. Without this intervention organisations will not have sufficient numbers ready to populate short lists and promote to executive roles. We find at this middle management level women are most likely to get stuck in an “attainment trap” whereas they need to be displaying “leadership potential”. We help participants build personal brands, improve their communication skills, understand the power of networking and the importance of recruiting sponsors. We also help them to question underlying assumptions in strategic and financial plans. This is a practical programme and participants leave with a three year career plan, which is followed up by a six month coaching call.

Because of the Leadership Summit our clients have seen a significant increase in the number of their female talent who are achieving promotion to executive roles.

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In-house programmes and bespoke services

Many organisations enjoy our cross-industry programmes as it gives participants a great network and a much broader understanding of all functions and sectors. However, others require bespoke programmes and services, which is why we run a number of in-house programmes tailored to specific needs. These include:

Sponsorship – It is common for women to find it difficult to recruit sponsors who are an important element in all executive success. We work with organisations to find the right match of sponsor and female executive and then train both. We oversee the programme and report on the results.

Good Start – This one day programme is for female recruits in their early 20s. It helps new recruits to define their career goals and broaden their horizons. It also gives them the skills to navigate their organisation and build their confidence. Good Start can easily be slotted into established Graduate Training Schemes. Intervention is needed at this early stage because young men and women already have already different career outlooks. Young men are looking ahead and have a 3 to 5 year career horizon, whereas, young women tend to have none (YSC 2015). Already women are starting to find themselves in an attainment trap, whereas young men have begun to recruit sponsors and establish broader strategic networks.

Game of two-halves – This programme can be rolled out across organisations but it is most successful when the briefing begins with the Executive Committee. Game of Two Halves explains the importance and benefits of gender diversity and the reasons this has not been achieved in most organisations. Following this, programme participants will understand the evidence and feel confident about the practical interventions they can make individually to deliver change.

Subject speciality and skill-based programmes – The Pipeline offers a wider range of subject specialist and skill-based programmes that can be delivered in-house or on a one-to-one basis. This list is not exhaustive but includes finance for non-financial managers, personal brand development and public speaking.

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Advice and diagnostics

The Pipeline has built a range of diagnostic tools to identify the weakest points in your structure and offer advisory support to help you address your specific challenges. We work with you to develop your corporate strategic plans for board approval and implementation.

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The Pipeline Coaching

Our established faculty of executive coaches has been selected for their unique mix of experience encompassing successful business careers and expertise in psychology. We can provide standalone packages of one-to-one and group coaching. An element of individual coaching is also integrated of all our cross-industry programmes.

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Trust us, if women could do this on their own they already would have. We are here to help you help your female executive talent succeed.

If you’d like to find out more, and discuss how, please call our Client Director, Ana Pacheco on 020 7636 9002 or email

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